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    Disney Fantasy Reviews

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    Disney Fantasy cruise reviews: The Fantasy is the fourth ship in the expanding Disney Cruise Line fleet. The vessel is 1,115 feet long and weighs 130,000 tons with 14 decks. It includes 1,250 staterooms and has the capacity to accommodate 4,000 passengers, along with more than 1450 Cast and Crew Members.


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    Our Disney Fantasy stateroom was based on a category IGT inside cabin on the 7th deck, and an experience we will never forget.

    When we go on vacation, I always feel compelled to pull out the Clorox wipes, and sanitize our hotel or stateroom from top to bottom. However, I did not have this reaction when we entered our stateroom on the Fantasy. This room was breathtaking, and the attention to detail was very impressive. I was super excited to see that our tub/shower, which was quite a bit larger than most other cruise line showers, as I am claustrophobic.

    Our room was an inside stateroom, which means it does not come with a porthole window. However, Disney Cruise Line has found a way to make you feel like you do have an ocean view. They have made a large port hole in these rooms, and have a live feed from the outside of the ship. My favorite part of his invention was that Disney cartoon characters would pop-up on this screen from time to time. You never knew who would show up next.

    We have cruised with Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney. However, the only cruise line that offers recycling in their staterooms is Disney, which makes me happy.

    What impressed me the most about our Fantasy stateroom was the fact that Disney ensures that when you leave your room, all of the electric in the room goes off. When guest walk into their stateroom they are required to insert their room key, or as Disney likes to call it your Key to the World, into a designed slot to active the electric in their stateroom. When leaving the room all you have to do is take your Key to the World out of the slot and all the electric in the room goes off.

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    Tina Hodges

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    Disney Fantasy reviews, featuring our exclusive insider information about the cruise ship. We started our journey with the Disney Cruise Line from Port Canaveral, and there's no doubt that this vessel sets the standard on what a five-star cruise is about. We cruised the Caribbean and Castaway Cay during our trip, and it was one of the best cruises we've been on.

    Disney Fantasy Departure: 

    Our journey began in Port Canaveral where we enjoyed preferred parking. This trip met higher expectations because of the service, entertainment, and food.

    The Disney Fantasy departure schedule was impressive as we boarded the ship. Everyone was in full character, even the baggage handlers who checked in our bags. The terminal itself was very inviting with Disney decor. 

    As we walked through the terminal, it revealed an experience not shared on any other cruise we've been on. It was like being at Disney World.

    As you board the ship they announce your family to everyone, as you enter the main lobby. Our jaws were dropping, and we hadn't even started our voyage yet. There was a long line of people waiting to have their picture taken with Mickey Mouse, but no one seemed to upset about the very long wait. These families had a lot of patience and all of the children seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    There is WiFi on the Disney Fantasy, one for public and subscription. The public Wi-Fi allows you to connect using the Fantasy app, which provides the daily ship schedule. The subscription connects you to the Internet from anywhere on the vessel.

    The Disney Fantasy deck plans are fantastic, it doesn't matter what stateroom you get, you will be happy with the cheapest because everything was well thought of when they built this ship.

    After we arrived on the ship, we went straight to a place called Cabannas on deck 11 for lunch. This wasn't like any other cafe that you see with other cruise lines. The food was quality, and it was everywhere. They had fresh jumbo shrimp, crab claws, hand carved roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and the desserts were spectacular.

    We went back to Cabannas the next morning for breakfast, and the french toast was breathtaking. The home fries had just the right amount of onions with a kick.

    This is 5-star dining in a cafeteria, we couldn't believe our eyes. Then we learned all the coke products were free. Imagine that, free sodas on a cruise ship.

    Then we heard the PA system come on with a brief "Wish Upon A Star" jingle with an announcement following. Ships usually have a sound before these announcements, but the Disney song was inviting. After a couple of days, you knew that something special was about to be said when that song came on.

    Watch out for specialty drinks because you will have to pay gratuity. We witnessed a couple of complaints on this. For example, if you buy their wine package, expect an additional charge (we paid $84 for 3 bottle package and had to pay $13 extra for gratuity).

    Staterooms and Cabins

    The staterooms are incredible, with genuine 1930s decor, hardwood trim, and plenty of room. In fact, the cheaper interior rooms are fantastic with a separate toilet from the tub. The toilet, and the shower each had their own sink. 

    Those who book a cheaper inside stateroom get an animated port hole. This is a large round screen above the headboard that shows a live camera view of the outdoors, at times you will see an animated character walking or zooming across the screen in vehicles. It's just like having a real window with a few bonuses.

    The TV is a full HDMI flat screen with a variety of channels, including ESPN, BBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. In addition, they do simulcast Disney movies in the Walt Disney Theater on a channel in your cabin. We watched the Lone Ranger, Monsters University, Planes, and Iron Man 3.

    Channel 20 is used for Special Features, which can be anything from movies to an NFL game on Fox.


    They provide daycare services for all ages, and it was amazing to see that half the deck on 3 was devoted just for kids. They have a huge staff who were entertaining with plenty of adults for the number of kids.


    The Disney shops were amazing with true authentic items, and decor that's out if this world. Store items can get expensive, so make sure to check the price tag before you fall in love with an item.


    Need coffee? Forget Starbucks, this ship has the Vista Cafe with just about every kind of coffee you can think of. I highly recommend the Machto Single. They serve it in a small cup with saucer. It's very delicious!

    The Animator's Palate is a fun restaurant with animated walls that talk to children. You can't help but smile in this place as you enjoy your dinner. Crush (the turtle) asked questions and responded to answers.

    We highly recommend the smoked salmon tartare appetizer, and the ginger-teriyaki dusted Angus beef tenderloin. 

    The Animator's Palate gave us one of the best dining experiences. One night, prior to dining, our head waiter handed us a paper palette and crayons, and asked us to draw our own character. This doesn't take too much skill since the character outline is already set up, so all you have to do is color things in by staying within the lines. Next, you add your name and table number.

    As you dine and enjoy your dinner, a show begins on all the screens. Now, what's important to know is that the screens nearby will show your character in the cartoon. The character will walk, run and dance! 

    The Enchanted Garden has a beautiful garden decor and you'll feel pampered during your entire dinner as you listen to Disney themed music. For example, they played the Little Mermaid instrumental. We recommend the Prime Rib because you won't find a better one at home. 

    The Royal Court is the ship's main dining room. This is very upscale, although Disney has relaxed the dress code and will allow shorts into the dining area. This dining room consist of large pictures on the walls of scenes from various Disney movies created out of mosaic tiles.  

    You can have breakfast at the Royal Court where they serve fresh orange juice in the morning. We recommend the Disney Cruise Line Breakfast Trio. For lunch, try the glazed meatloaf and mashed potatoes with carrots and string beans. For dinner, try the Baked Salmon Royal with mashed potatoes and carrots. Their best desert is the peanut butter mouse with vanilla ice cream.

    Each restaurant offers a different dining experience. 

    There are Disney Fantasy theme nights when everyone can dress up like a pirate. Depending on what season it is, the kids can make door hangars and participate in crafts. During our visit, Halloween was approaching, and that meant costumes and door hangers. It was a lot of fun for the adults and their kids.


    Disney offers two options for parking. If you select Preferred parking at a rate of $140 for the week, you can park right outside the terminal entrance, but make sure you get there early enough before it's full. An added bonus with preferred parking is you pay when you arrive, which means less time trying to get out of the hectic parking garage. The other option is the regular $120 garage parking, but then you will have to wait in line to pay after your cruise. We recommend the Preferred parking.

    If you love playing in the casinos, you will not like Disney. There are no casinos on their ships. However, you will have the best cruise in the industry.

    Disney has set the standard on five-star cruises.

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