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    Cozumel, Mexico Cruise Port

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    Cozumel, Mexico cruise port. Plenty of things to do. 

    Andy Hodges

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    There are plenty of things to do in the Cozumel, Mexico cruise port from shopping to dining and having fun on the beach. Bring your hat as you leave the ship because this Port of Call is hot. There are maps everywhere at walking distance for things to do off your cruise ship.

    Cozumel is a small island that sits off the coast of Mexico. It takes approximately 45 minutes to shuttle from the island to the mainland. If you're visiting in the summer, it can get very hot, so make sure you bring a lot of water.

    The port is rather large, and you can find plenty of things to do. In fact, water sports seem to be the main attraction, but there are Mayan ruins that were built almost 3,000 years ago. It was once populated by a large tribe that celebrated fertility. 

    We saw one of the tombs uncovered. They believe this site once buried the King. There are many ancient sites like this found in Cozumel.

    There are three main attractions for guests to visit the Mayan ruins. Two are near the Cozumel Port of Call, and the third one is called the Tulum Ruins in the city of Tulum. They are all different and offer some great adventure if you're into that sort of thing. While Cozumel cruises are known for ruins, there are also plenty of water activities to enjoy.

    If you're into shopping or dining, you'll have plenty of options at the port. Make sure you pick up a port brochure on your cruise ship to get a map of the local area. You'll find plenty of restaurants on shore, including a Subway.

    There are some areas to avoid in Cozumel, but you would have to go completely out of your way. You'll find that the locals are very friendly, which will make your Cozumel vacation more pleasant. We never felt in danger when walking around the port because we felt the presence of security everywhere. 

    However, be wary of those who want to take a picture with you. Some of the people dress up in costumes hoping to get a picture with you so that they can ask for $1. We've seen other people using pet monkeys, a way to get you to hold the pet so that you can pay $1 for the activity.

    If you are baited into this situation, just walk away or find a policeman. It's better to avoid anything that looks a bit shabby. If someone walks up to you with a monkey and asks you to pet it, just walk away. We've seen people with baby tigers doing the same thing.

    While some of this information might cause you to feel alarmed, it's only to help you avoid situations. It's not common that people will walk up to you with animals. Like any tourist destination, it helps to be smart.

    Our recommendation is to avoid the shopping and go with a tour guide. There are plenty of Cozumel shore excursions, and you'll learn a lot about the culture. If you want some real adventure, take the ATV excursion. This will take you into the jungles with two stops at some ancient ruins.

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