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    Italy earthquake kills at least 38 and destroyed a cluster of small mountain villages as the death toll is expected to rise. Amatrice was among the hardest towns hit following the magnitude 6.2 earthquake. Survivors painted a grim picture of devastation following the quake, which struck at 3:36 a.m. and was felt as far away as Rome, Reuters reports. "The town isn't here anymore," said Sergio Pirozzi, the mayor of Amatrice. The quake was felt across a broad swath of central Italy, shaking the Lazio region and Umbria and Le Marche on the Adriatic Coast and sending powerful aftershocks across the spine [...]
    NASA new normal conditions of sea ice following this year's melt season in the Arctic Ocean with a record low maximum extent in March and relatively rapid through May. The "New Normal" is part of the melting that slowed down in June. It's highly unlikely that this year's summertime sea ice minimum extent will set a new record.? "Even when it's likely that we won't have a record low, the sea ice is not showing any kind of recovery. It's still in a continued decline over the long term," said Walt Meier, a sea ice scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center [...]
    NASA PubSpace will offer research articles online from the space agency's archives, allowing other researchers and students to use the information freely on the internet.?PubSpace will be managed by the National Institutes of Health as part of its own database called PubMed Central. The decision to create PubSpace came from a request that was made by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy back in 2013. It was part of the office's "Open Science" initiative, which was meant to increase access to government-funded research. "Scientific research supported by the Federal Government catalyzes innovative breakthroughs that drive our economy," John [...]
    A Fossils beetles pollination study revealed that plants do reproduce sexually as they need male gametes to fertilize the egg in the plant embryo sac. Plants have evolved a variety of mechanisms to disperse pollen. Among them, orchids have evolved a mechanism using pollination structures called pollinaria. Pollinaria include parts called pollinia that hold pollen sacs with the male gametes, and adhesive pads that adhere to insects and other pollinators. Some present-day beetles use orchids for nectar, and these beetles also disperse orchid pollinaria. But no fossil evidence has ever been found showing beetles in the evolutionary past pollinating orchids -- [...]
    The EU summit will bring leaders of Europe's three largest countries together on a small island in Italy for talks on a way to move forward following Britain's surprise vote to leave. It's too early to tell how Brexit will impact EU travel and cruise industries, but the move has only sown confusion in Europe. Italy's prime minister, Matteo Renzi, has welcomed the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French president, Fran?ois Hollande, to Ventotene off the coast of Naples for a second round of trilateral talks before an informal EU summit in September, according to the Daily Telegraph. The summit aims [...]
    Wessie Maine snake skin could just be a fake as children in the local town are warned to stay away from the playground area. Police have few leads on where the creature wandered off to. The snake was last seen near the Presumpscot River authorities continue their search. Only one witness said he saw the creature and noted that it's not a joking matter. Police have warned residents to stay away from the area, as well as the local children's playground.?But not all locals are convinced that the Maine snake is real.? "That person may have seen something, but I doubt it was [...]
    Norwegian Cruise Line passengers who will board the NCL Sky during the Labor Day weekend are disappointed after they found out the Great Stirrup Cay island wasn't part of their itinerary. Great Stirrup Cay is Norwegian's exclusive private island that serves drinks and food, and it's usually one of the stops for the Norwegian Sky itinerary.? "When we booked, we thought that Great Stirrup Cay was part of the itinerary. That's one of the reasons we booked our Labor Day cruise. We feel like we've been cheated and I kinda want my money back. Two days in Bahamas? I don't think so," [...]
    Tyra Banks Stanford University class will offer M.B.A. students tips in personal branding from the former America's Next Top Model. When Tyra Banks isn't cruising, she's setting up her teaching debut for two weeks at Stanford University as a guest lecturer in May, co-teaching a class on creating and protecting a personal brand. Some 25 graduate students will receive instruction from Banks on how to harness all forms of old and new media to showcase their strengths.? The former Victoria's Secret model and chief executive of TYRA Beauty will also deliver tips on handling press exposure as a business leader. The first [...]
    KFC sunscreen can now protect cruiser passengers from those bad rays in a new?SPF 30 product. You can't make this stuff up as Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the product on Monday. The sunscreen product has a great fragrance and demonstrates just how the restaurant chain cares about its customers. Oh, and by the way, the sun protection product is absolutely free with the alluring scent of fried chicken. "The sun gives us life. But if we're not careful it also gives us painful sunburns. That's why we made KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen," the site reads. "Harmful ultraviolet rays bounce off your skin [...]
    Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend takes command in Iraq and Syria with a serious pledge to remove ISIS and take back Mosul and Raqqa. While he did not say how long the pledge will take, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend plans to speed up the campaign against ISIS and take back the cities "on my watch." "I don't want to make promises, but I intend to have Mosul and Raqqa done on my watch," Townsend told Stars and Stripes on the sidelines of the change of command ceremony in Baghdad in which he succeeded Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland. MacFarland served as commander of Combined [...]